Alicia Keys & Son Genesis on Stage

Alicia Keys 6-year-old son

Alicia Keys 6-year-old son. He looks just like her!
On Tuesday, Alicia Keys said that Genesis, her son’s name, now likes the stage as much as she does.
“His name is Genesis. He’s only six, but he’s already excited about the stage. Mom, are you going to call me on stage? And I’m like, “Wait, what?!”” Alicia Keys laughed and said, “That’s funny.”

Old Memories of Alicia Keys

There are a lot of old memories “During her world tour next year, the singer will also be taking Genesis and her 11-year-old son, Egypt, with her. She will be promoting a new double album, called “keys.”

Alicia Keys & Son Genesis on Stage
Alicia Keys and Six year old son, Genesis on stage

“Because it’s summer, I can bring them. Egypt is hard “”That’s what the Grammy winner said.” “He’s 11 now, so he has to keep up.”

When it comes to music, Egypt isn’t that far behind his mother. He’s already a good musician in his own right. As Egypt played Eurythmic’s 1983 hit “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” on the piano and sang the lead, Alicia sang backup. It was a very sweet video, too.

gypt is on the keys “The mom of two added a comment to this heartwarming video. This is how it works: love being a part of his practice and I love being his back-up singer, as well! He is making things happen.”

Alicia Keys loves to spend time with her kids. They helped their mom be on the cover of InStyle Magazine in July 2020 when they took her picture.

Even when she was on Today With Hoda and Jenna Tuesday, Alicia Keys talked about what it was like to have Egypt on stage with her for the first time at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards. When she sang “Raise a Man,” he joined his mom.

What it was like with Genesis

Because it was his first time playing while I sang, he was more afraid than I was. He was very brave and he went out into the world and was ready to do it.”

Alicia Keys preforms on the 21 Dec
Alicia Keys to preform live on the 21st December 2021 live in New York.

Asked by Keys, her son might get overwhelmed on stage and freeze up in the moment.

This is what thought “It’s going to be crazy tomorrow. When will he be scared? Because she’s afraid. And I spent the whole night worrying about him so much that I didn’t even get to practice my singing. It was then that I thought, “Wait, I don’t practice my part.” It was so hard to believe.”

But when Keys saw how Egypt stepped up and changed his performance, she was very happy.

“He was great. He just went out there and looked like a champion. He was ready to go. There was a party. He came over, sat down, and played. At the end of the show, he even did his little floss dance. I think he was nervous, but he didn’t show it.”

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