Anderson Cooper – As Short Bio of this Famous Media Personality


Anderson Cooper having the baptized name of Anderson Hays Cooper is widely known as a broadcast journalist from the United States as well as a commentator in politics. He happens to be one of the main anchors at the CNN news broadcast show with the popularity of Anderson Cooper 360. In addition to that, he also runs a show at CBS News called 60 Minutes. He joined CNN in 2001 and two years later was awarded the Anderson Cooper 360 in 2003 and since then been hosting it.
Anderson Cooper came into this world in the year of 1967 on 3 June in the city of New York in Manhattan, United States. So at the time of this post, he happens to be fifty four years old. Further more, being born in the USA, make him a American national. He is of the white ethnic group and has the zodiac sign called Germini.
Turning to his educational background now. He is a well educated personality tell from his smartness of his career in journalism and the media. Initially he went to
Dalton School in the neighborhood of the Upper East End in Manhattan and passed out successfully. He then attended Yale University and got himself enrolled in the Manuscript Society where he majored in political science and eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Art in the year 1989.
Coming to his family, Anderson Cooper comes from a well-known supportive family.. HIs father is Wyatt Emory Cooper and mother is Gloria Vanderbilt. His dad was a writer where as his mother was an rtist, fashion designer, writer and heiress to a family fortune herself.
When it comes to Anderson Cooper’s siblings, he happens to be the younger child of his parents. He had an elder brother from his parents who committed suicide in the year 1988 on 22 July by jumping off from the fourteenth floor of their penthouse in New York Anderson Cooper was just 21 years old then and had a might effect on him at that age.
Now coming to his net worth, he happens to be a extremely rich man. He has long been in his career as a journalist and a media personality in which time he has built a good fan and following base. According to sources, he is reeking in about over two hundred million dollar and more counting as he is just fifty four years old.
In the year 2012. he came out with the facts that he is gay and happens to be one of the most famous media persons to acknowledge it openly. He was the first LGBT journalist to moderate a presidential debate. Because of his openness and profound career he has been awarded a number of accolades.
Though being gay, he is still not married to either a male or a female but lives with his partner Benjamin Maisant Cooper and eventually parted ways in 2018. On April 20, 2020, Anderson announced the birth of his son to Wyatt Morgan by a surrogate. The two look after him jointly.
Being a successful media person, Anderson Cooper is on a number of social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter with a huge following. At Instagram he has the handle of @andrsoncooper with 2.9 million followings. In a similar manner, he followed on Twitter by 10 million and uses the handle @andersoncooper.

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