Andy Cohen Goes On Drunken Rant Against de Blasio

Andy Cohen does into with a parting drunken rant against departing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had just left his post when Andy Cohen embarked into a 45-second tirade against him. Ten minutes before Miley Cyrus’ wardrobe malfunction on NBC.

What was Andy Cohen Rant in a Drunken State Against Bill de Blasio About

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper were co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve special from Times Square in New York City when the Bravo CEO slammed the city’s disgraced former mayor.

Andy Cohen goes into a Drunken Rant Against Out Going Mayor de Blasio four minutes into 2022

Even as Cooper begged him not to “go on a rampage,” Cohen screamed, “Watching Mayor Bill de Blasio conduct his victory lap after four years of the worst era as mayor of New York!” Republicans and Democrats both believe that he has been a bad mayor. ” Saying goodbye to that sucka would be rude. 2022! Because, oh my gosh! This is a fresh start. I know exactly where I’ll be next year, and you know who I won’t be watching dance as the city breaks apart? YOU!”

“That’s how you want to start the New Year?” Cooper said, amused and surprised.

It was, in my humble opinion, Cohen’s best work.

Eric Adams was sworn in as mayor of New York City from Times Square immediately after the drop of the ball during the ceremony.

When New York demonstrates to the rest of the country how we recover, Adams said to the crowd. “Every one of us has had a personal encounter with the events of Pearl Harbor. The Great Depression, the assault on Pearl Harbor, or even COVID might be to blame. However, the reality remains that the resiliency of our city and nation shows the rest of the world what we are capable of. Here in New York City, we have a great opportunity to generate a huge profit due of our wonderful team and the incredible environment.”

Mayor Eric Adams was sworn in as mayor after the ball dropped, and Andy Cohen appeared on CNN’s “New Year’s Eve Live” program to make a passionate case against previous Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Anderson Cooper nearly had to pull Cohen back from the camera as he begged Cohen not to “go on a rampage” during his tirade against the former mayor.

At this point, Cohen said, “Do his victory lap dance after four years as the crappiest term of New York mayor.” Cooper shook his head and repeated “wow” in wonder as he became more irritated.

Republicans and Democrats both believe that he has been a bad mayor. ” Farewell, then.

“Watch What Happens Live” co-host and West Village resident erroneously referred to Mayor de Blasio’s tenure. For eight years, he served as a senator.

Many Bronx residents, including NYPD officers, Black Lives Matter activists, concertgoers, and hot dog-eating competition fans, applauded de Blasio despite his two terms as mayor.

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