Are Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson Dating


Fans would want to see Kim Kardashian West and Miley Cyrus get married despite Miley’s rumored unwed status at the moment.

On Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, Miley and Justin spoke about their New Year’s Eve bash in Miami after she said she would be hosting for the first time. While promoting their upcoming special, Miley sang “It Should Have Been Me,” a song by Yvonne Fair. Dedicated to Pete, Miley’s version of the song was reworked to poke fun at Kim’s connection with him.

The Rumors Are Around Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson Are Dating

Miley Cyrus sung this: “Pete Davidson, how are you going to do this to me? That Lamborghini leaving that swanky a— restaurant should have been mine, I see now. For the love of everything that is holy, I’m going to attend a movie on Staten Island.” An outing that Pete had with Kim on Staten Island, New York, his hometown, spurred Pete to make the lyrical change.

A breakup could disappoint some viewers, but the fact that the cohosts are still friends and their hosting debut seems good should cheer them up.

Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson
Are Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson dating

NBC is going for the millennial and Gen-Z demographics with their New Year’s Eve centerpiece, “Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party, Hosted by Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson. On Friday, Dec. 31, NBC will air the live show from 10:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. ET, with a Peacock simulcast.

Will Smith’s “Miami” was parodied by Miley Cyrus and Davidson, who speculated that Bill Cosby and Kevin Spacey might be in attendance. After a few images of people sliding their masks out of the way to vape in the crowd, the mood was established for the rest of the night.

They introduced Saweetie, who played “Tap In,” “Icy Chain,” and “Shake It Off” with disguised back-up dancers after joking about COVID and weeping along to Cyrus’ songs (who hasn’t?). Anitta played “Faking Love” for a short time before Saweetie made a brief appearance.

Cyrus and Brandi Carlile opened the show with their 2007 hit “The Story,” which was followed by a duet of Cyrus’ 2009 blockbuster “The Climb.” After Davidson returned to do some comedic work about feeling out of place at such a wonderful event, it was time for Cyrus and Carlile to take the stage.

The lyrics-heavy “SUVs (Black on Black)” by Jack Harlow quickly transformed into “Whats Poppin” and “Industry Baby” with Lil Nas X.

When they were done, Davidson and Cyrus did an amusing parody about how their past drug use and wild behavior (along with Davidson’s Staten Island heritage!) are “show for the cameras.”

Cyrus added, mocking her image as a giant head, “You can’t tell anybody this, since I’ve never used cannabis honestly.” Cyrus said. Their huge tattoos were revealed by Cyrus to be “just stickers I got from Claire’s,” she added. When asked whether he was indeed from Staten Island, Davidson answered, “I’m not even from Staten Island.”

Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” and “Plastic Heart” were both covered by Miley Cyrus towards the end of the comedic routine.

To round up the show, 24kGoldn, decked out in a pinstriped suit studded with rhinestones, gave a stirring rendition of his new song “More Than Friends.”

Cyrus and her younger sister, Noah Cyrus, sang a duet of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” a country hit from 1974. Like Parton, the Cyrus sisters were born and raised in Tennessee. “Faking Love” by Anitta was the perfect follow-up to their powerful performance.

Davidson took to the stage as the clock struck twelve o’clock ET to connect with the fans. The “Saturday Night Live” star urged the audience to reflect on 2009 and the year’s major events, including the “miracle on the Hudson” landing of a plane in New York and the hijacking drama on the high seas that ended with the crew of a merchant vessel led by Captain Richard Phillips’ bravery. ‘SNL’ star

We have nothing to worry about back in 2009, Davidson jokingly said. While Tom Hanks and the rest of the male population had a great year, “pirates and goose” had a terrible year.

Cyrus then took the stage to perform “We Can’t Stop” and “Party in the USA,” two of her most popular songs. After Brandi Carlisle’s version of Bonnie Tyler’s epic 1983 hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” the event ended with a rousing encore performance.

With a show-stopping performance, Miley told the audience that the special’s production was “all about adaptability.”

To bring it into the new year, Cyrus said. Chryon slate that read “Every Ending Is A New Beginning” capped out the performance.

Miley Cyrus and Davidson’s outspoken reputations were used in the “Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party” special, which was described by Cyrus as “He’ll be funny and I’ll be naked, together we have an act,” during a Jimmy Fallon appearance. There will also be appearances from Brandi Carlile, Billie Joe Armstrong and others, as well as Kitty Ca$h and Saweetie, Anitta, and Jack Harlow. This special was executive produced by Lorne Michaels, the creator and executive producer of “Saturday Night Live” (and Davidson’s workplace).

In addition to his obligations on “Saturday Night Live,” Davidson had a busy year in 2021 with appearances in James Gunn’s action film “The Suicide Squad,” the police procedural “The Rookie,” and a big voice part in the animated comedy “The Freak Brothers.” Davidson After that, we’ve got the horror film “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies” and the rom-com starring Kaley Cuoco, “Meet Cute”. Then, in 2021, Cyrus collaborated with a wide range of artists, including Lil Nas X, the Kid Laroi, Elton John, and Yo-Yo Ma.

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