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Bebe Rexha Talks About Here Weigh Gain

Bebe Rexha isn’t in the best of spirits this Christmas season.

The singer explains why in a video posted on her verified TikTok account.

Bebe Rexha Weight Gain

“So it’s the holidays, and I know we’re all meant to be happy and like, ‘Yay, it’s the holidays,'” Rexha remarked, adding that she has felt both happy and sad.

She stated, “I guess I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been.” “I just weighed myself, and I’m not sure I want to share the results because I’m ashamed.”

While discussing her physique, she looked to be in tears.

Rexha stated, “I just feel terrible, like in my own body.”

The singer of “Me, Myself, & I” has previously shared about body acceptance, including a video of herself wearing lingerie while listening to Nicki Minaj’s “Good Form” from 2018.

Bebe Rexha
Bebe Rexha Talks About the physical and mental torment weigh gain is taking on her

However, she now claims that she is less active on social media as a result of her negative body image.

“I don’t feel well in my skin,” she said, “and I don’t want to share when I don’t feel good.” “And that’s honestly why I haven’t been publishing as often as I used to in the previous year or so.”

Despite this, Rexha recently made time to inspire those who may be experiencing difficulties at this time of year.

In a tweet, she stated, “To the individual who is feeling bad this Christmas season, you got this and you will get through.” “I’m sending love your way.”

The singer of “Me, Myself, and I” shared an emotive video in which she expresses her battle to embrace her physique.

Bebe Rexha has always been an outspoken opponent of body shaming, advocating for the normalization of all body shapes and just accepting the bodies we have.

Despite such strong beliefs, the singer-songwriter stated in an emotional video she uploaded with her fans and followers on TikTok Monday, titled “honest update,” that she’s presently battling to accept herself.

In the video, Rexha says, “I suppose I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been.” “I just weighed myself, and I’m not sure I want to share the results because I’m ashamed.”

“I just feel horrible, you know, like in my own flesh,” the “Me, Myself & I” singer said through tears.

It was a vulnerable moment, and it sent a very different message than when she wore lingerie in another TikTok video only six months earlier and boldly disclosed her weight of 165 pounds.

However, she acknowledged in her latest post that she’s been quieter on social media recently due to an internal conflict.

“I haven’t been blogging as much because I don’t feel comfortable in my skin,” she said. “I don’t want to share when I don’t feel good.” “That’s the true reason I haven’t been publishing as often in the past year or so as I used to.”

“I don’t know how to assist myself anymore or how to love myself,” the 32-year-old stated of her former words of “body positivity,” which she claimed came from “a place of grief and bewilderment.”

Inspiration for it might be found in her compassionate and enthusiastic fans’ responses.

One admirer said, “Your value is higher than any number can describe!” “You’ve got it.”

“My heart bleeds for you hearing you speak about this,” another said. I’m here for you, as are a lot of other ladies! You are stunning and amazing. You’ve been heard! ❤️❤️❤️”

“It’s actually fine!!,” one person commented. This is how we’re all feeling right now. Allow yourself to relax. You are authentic, gorgeous, and adored.”

“You are gorgeous,” another said to Rexha, “but it isn’t how others view you, it is how you see yourself.” Keep in mind that beauty originates from inside, and you have an angel’s heart.”

However, if Rexha needs more motivation, she may return to her own words from an Instagram post she published in March.

“As much as I attempted to be that slim pop-star I grew up watching or see today,” she wrote, “I can’t manage to achieve it in a manner that seems natural or healthy.” “I like eating. I go to the gym. I am a water drinker. I give it my all. I go with the flow of my body. I show my body love, even though it’s difficult at times. #EveryBodyIsBeautiful”

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