Bill and Melinda Gates Hit the Untie Knot


Bill and Melinda Gates have finally said that enough is enough with married life and did the honourable thing of untying the matrimonial knot. The two of them married in the year 1994 and have been together ever since then. They have raised three kids together, now all grow up. Bill Gates happens to be one of the ten riches men according to Forbes. He has a net worth of 130.5 billon dollars.

The two of them first met while she was working at Microsoft. It is the tech giant Mr Gates along with Allen, deceased founded as partners. Bill Managed to side out his partner with his quick and cunning mind. It was at this time the two Bill and Melinda Gates fell in love and tied the know – I mean got married. Ever since then, though they seem to be the perfect couple, behind the scene things have not been going as one might expect.

According to Melinda Gates, Bill was a dominating persons and expected thing to be exactly and he would expect it to be. This brought about much discord in their married life, behind the scene till eventually she though it wise that the two should part ways.

They called for the divorce papers and finally parted ways on 27th May after twenty seven years of being together as a couple.

Who is Bill Gates?

Bill hardly needs much mentioning. He is one of the ten riches persons according to Forbes with a Net Worth of $130.5 billion which all came about by the establishment of Microsoft along with his partner Allen, whom he ran aground to take full control of the company later. He along with is now parted wife is the head of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is a Philanthropist organisation in the field of making the world a better place with donations from other world rich people and is worth about $40 billion.

What becomes of the Wealth of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates?

Since the greater share of the wealth was made by him, Melinda Gates will get a part of one fourth of it. The rest would go to the three children parented by the two of them that is all if Bill wants it so. But going by his nature, he might just have a fraction of it for his children and rest would go to his charitable organisation.

Sad as it might seem, nothing is static in life what things seems to be might not be what it is in reality. The same can be said for Bill and Melinda Gates.