Dakota Rose the Real-life Barbie

American television host, model and fashion blogger Dakota Rose Ostrenga goes by the name of Dakota Rose Ostrenga and is based in Tokyo. There were a lot of people that visited her YouTube account to get beauty tutorials. Additional information about a stunning woman is provided below. So, don’t put it down until the very end of the article!

All About Dakota Rose the Real-life Barbie

The relationship status of Dakota is unknown at this time.

Rose has gained a cult following thanks to her lovely demeanor. She’s been given the moniker “real-life Barbie” as a result. The fact that her fans are intrigued about her personal life means that they want to know more about her relationships. She’s attracted the most attention because she’s from Japan, so that’s no surprise. After the year 2021, Barbie Girl has never been in a relationship. The fact that she’s never had a previous relationship is also worth mentioning. In addition to her personal life, Rose appears to be juggling a lot of responsibilities. The same goes for her. She prefers spending time with her pals and working on her fashion designs.

The Real-life Barbie, Dakota Rose
Dakota Rose is Famously known by her fans as the Real-life Barbie

She appears to be spending a lot of time with her family and friends. It is Scott Ostrenga, Rose’s father and a computer engineer, who provides the family’s principal income.

Her mother, Cathy Ostrenga, is a housewife who raises her daughter. Others in the family include her older sister Kristen and brother Kyler. Her older sister’s online personalities, such as her MySpace and Stickam accounts, were well-known to many.

Dakota Rose’s worth

As far as Rose’s wealth is concerned, she’s achieved quite a bit of prominence because of her career success. Because of her fame, she may have earned a substantial sum of money. Let’s speak about how much money she makes from her social media presence in order to get to the bottom of it. Rose still has more than half a million subscribers to her channel. Her YouTube channel is currently dormant, as stated. It’s been two years since she last uploaded anything to her YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel does not appear to have generated any income. However, she earns money via TikTok, advertisements, and modeling, as well as from her work in the entertainment industry. According to the research, the average salary for a Fashion Model is $52078. Average wages range from $42,916 to $63,586, while the median is $42,906. It’s safe to infer that she’s making close to that amount. Between $100,000 and $1,000,000 is estimated to be Dakota Rose’s fortune, according to Forbes.

As a YouTuber, Dakota rose to fame.

The YouTube username Dakotakoti was Rose’s when she first launched her channel in 2011. As a result, make-up and styling tutorials quickly followed. On the other hand, most of her instructional videos are silent and have subtitles. She was well praised for her “barbie-doll” appearance following. Despite the fact that some people objected because of her digitally altered appearance, her films became a big hit in Asia and were eventually uploaded on the Nico Nico Douga. When Rose’s contouring make-up technique appeared in Gyoretsu no Dekiru Horitsu Sodanjo, many Japanese television shows followed suit. Her YouTube channel gained 513k subscribers after being dubbed “the real-life Barbie doll” by the media. Her YouTube channel received a total of 37.5 million views.

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