Demaryius Thomas

Demaryius Thomas dies at age 33

Demaryius Thomas, a 10-year NFL veteran and one of the finest wide receivers in Broncos history, was discovered dead at his home in Roswell, Georgia, according to authorities. He was 33 years old at the time.

Former NFL star wide receiver Demaryius Thomas dies at age 33

According to early information, his death was caused by a medical condition, according to Roswell Police Department Officer Tim Lupo in an email to CNN.

The Broncos released a statement saying, “We are crushed and absolutely grieved.” “Those who knew and loved Demaryius will always remember his humility, warmth, compassion, and contagious grin.”

“The NFL family mourns the untimely passing of Demaryius Thomas and we send our sincere sympathies to his family and loved ones,” the NFL said in a statement.

Demaryius Thomas
Former NFL star wide receiver Demaryius Thomas dies at age 33

Peyton Manning, the Hall of Fame quarterback who spent four seasons with Thomas in Denver, claimed the wide receiver was a greater person than a player.

In a statement provided by the Broncos, he stated, “He loved my kids like they were his own.” “Every teammate’s charity event drew him in. On Tuesday, I texted with D.T. He was referring to a 2014 TD audible we called against Arizona. Devastated beyond belief.”

Thomas was born in the Georgia town of Montrose. Thomas was the first wide receiver taken in the 2010 NFL Draft, choosing No. 22 in the first round to the Broncos after a great NCAA career at Georgia Tech.

Thomas played with the Denver Broncos for the bulk of his NFL career, earning two AFC titles and Super Bowl 50. He was a five-time Pro Bowl selection and is second all-time in receiving yards with the Broncos.

During the 2018 season, Thomas was traded to the Houston Texans, and he completed his career with the New York Jets. In June, he announced his retirement from the NFL.

Katrina Stuckey Smith, Thomas’ mother, was 15 years into a 20-year federal sentence for cocaine dealing before President Barack Obama reduced her sentence in 2015. Minnie Pearl Thomas, Thomas’ grandmother, was sentenced to life in prison for cocaine trafficking. Obama eventually reduced her sentence.

According to the official website of the Denver Broncos, the two were arrested together on narcotics charges when Thomas was just 11 years old.

According to The Denver Post, Thomas sent the President a message thanking him for his mother’s release and also talked to him about his grandma at the Super Bowl 50 party at the White House. During Obama’s presidency, he commuted the sentences of hundreds of nonviolent drug offenders.

Thomas told The Washington Post, “I simply found out straight as I walked in from weights.” “I was completely unaware. I was taken aback. I was ecstatic, too, because it arrived so early. I heard that 200 or more individuals would be given a second opportunity, and it’s a privilege for my grandma to be one of them.”

Source of info: (CNN)

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