Donald Trump Says He’s Proud of Covid-19 Vaccine

donald trump
Ex-president Donald Trump

Ex-President Donald Trump says he’s “proud” of the COVID-19 vaccination and wants more people to receive it.

During a Wednesday appearance on Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly Tonight, Trump bragged that he had bought “billions and billions of dollars” worth of vaccination shots in advance.

The vaccination, according to the former president, saved the COVID-19 pandemic death toll from reaching the much higher toll of up to 100 million people who perished during the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 to 1920.

Donald Trump Believes He Responsible for Covid-19 Vaccine

“I’m extremely proud of the vaccination,” Trump said. “I took it, you probably did too. But I’m really pleased. I fear a repeat of the 1917 Spanish Flu, which killed up to 100 million people.”

“I spent a fortune on the vaccination, which is why we’ve been taking it for so long,” Trump said. “We’d be in serious trouble without it. And although I respect people’s rights, I’d want to see them get the vaccination.”

Trump made similar remarks to Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business earlier in the day. The “issue with people not wanting to take” the vaccination, which he dubbed the “Trumpcine” in April, was due to popular mistrust of Vice President Joe Biden.

“I’m extremely proud of the vaccination, I’ve taken it,” Trump told Bartiromo. “People didn’t refuse to accept it while I was president. They don’t accept it because they distrust Biden and his administration.”

“No one protested the vaccination while I was president,” he said. “Everyone wanted it, and we were giving out over a million injections a day… now it’s coming back via the Delta… those who receive it get well much faster, and they don’t get sick as often.”

Getting a vaccination booster injection, which the CDC says will be recommended for all adults starting September 20, “seems to me like a money-making operation for Pfizer,” Trump said in the same interview.

In addition to claiming that the COVID-19 vaccinations produced when he was president were “good for life,” the former president said that the drive for booster injections was due to “the guy who controls Pfizer” seeing “money signals.”

The firm revealed good vaccination trial findings soon after Trump lost to Biden in the 2020 election, sparking a dispute between Trump and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. Before the election, Trump warned Bourla that disclosing the material sooner might “benefit” his prospects.

Despite Trump’s bragging about the vaccine and reminding his supporters that he has personally been vaccinated, polls and vaccination statistics indicate that Trump backers are more likely to refuse any doses of COVID-19 vaccine than Biden voters.

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