Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley’s Abs Are On Full Display In Bikini Pics

Elizabeth Hurley Shows Off Her Abs in Bikinis On Vacation

You aren’t the only one who is fed up with being cooped up at home: Elizabeth Hurley is as well. And she’s just come up with a delightfully inventive solution to break out from the #pandemiclife rut.
The 55-year-old model and actress said she’s on a diet earlier this week on Instagram “Because, why not, behave like you’re on vacation? She has plenty of bikini photos to prove it.

Elizabeth Hurley's Abs
Elizabeth Hurley’s Abs

“Pretend you’re on vacation! I’m so sick of being at home that I’m going to pretend I’m on vacation for the next ten days and live vicariously via my camera roll “The Royals star captioned a photo of herself frolicking on the beach in a stunning tan bikini.
Of all, it was just the start of her fictitious vacation. After that, the Austin Powers actress uploaded a photo of herself reclining on the sand:
She followed it up with this video of her spinning on a Maldives beach:
And in her most recent Instagram post, she’s wearing a yellow bikini as if it’s nothing:

Elizabeth Hurley resting
Elizabeth Hurley resting on the beach

Basically, Liz is putting a lot of effort into her phony vacation. It might take a second to realize these are #TBT images since the Runaways star is always so fit and glowing. I mean, hello—this was taken before her “vacation,” and she still looks the same:
Elizabeth doesn’t seem to be in such good shape by chance; she eats quite well. She earlier said to The Cut that she does not eat processed meals. “Simple, natural, and easy cuisine appeals to me. I’m not a big fan of food that has a lot of chemicals or additives “she said “When I’m at home in the country, I usually aim to consume locally farmed cuisine, including meats and veggies.”
She’s also a big believer in self-improvement. She recently revealed to Women’s Health that she enjoys doing squats while brushing her teeth and going on 30-minute walks with her two dogs “quickly enough to raise my heart rate.” She also does yoga and Pilates on occasion.
The actress also said to Extra that she isn’t a big fan of working out in the conventional sense, but she does like doing it “very active I get a lot of exercise, but it’s really the gardening… chopping down a hedge, cutting down a tree with my chainsaw, logging, all of that.”
I’m curious whether she puts such activities on hold during her “fake vacation” or counts them as at-home adventures.

Elizabeth Hurley bikini
Elizabeth Hurley showing of her Abs in her bikini

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