Glenn Foster

Ex-New Orleans Saints player Glenn Foster dies in police custody

Glenn Foster Jr., a former defensive end for the New Orleans Saints who died after being arrested in Alabama, has been the subject of an inquiry.

Foster, 31, died Monday, according to the Pickens County coroner. The cause of death has yet to be established.

About Ex-New Orleans Saints player Glenn Foster Dying in police custody

Foster was arrested on Saturday in the Pickens County Jail on three charges of reckless endangerment and one count each of trying to flee police and resisting arrest, according to inmate records.

He was freed in that case at 3:14 p.m. Sunday, according to inmate records, only to be rebooked at 3:16 p.m. on accusations of simple assault and third-degree robbery.

Foster was freed and rebooked within two minutes, according to the documents. He was not freed after being rebooked, according to documents.

Sheriff Todd Hall of Pickens County sent any inquiries to the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation, which he stated is in charge of the investigation.

Foster was in jail when he died, according to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, which houses the bureau of inquiry. Foster’s remains had been taken to the state’s forensic department as part of the investigation, according to the report.

“No more information is available at this time since the inquiry is continuing,” the agency said. “The results will be given over to the Tuscaloosa County District Attorney’s Office once they are completed.”

Glenn Foster
Glenn Foster Dies in Police Custody

Foster was a Chicago native who played football at the University of Illinois in 2008. In 2013, he signed as an undrafted free agent with the New Orleans Saints, where he remained until 2014.

After he retired from the NFL, he and his wife, Pamela, founded Southern Louisiana Granite. He recently talked with inRegister, a Baton Rouge-based lifestyle publication, on how they went beyond granite countertop installation to provide more comprehensive remodeling services.

In October, Foster told the magazine, “I’m a doer – I get things done.” “I have the attitude that I can be anything in the world that I want to be, and if I put my heart and mind into it, I’ll be the greatest at it.”

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