alex guarnaschelli

Chef Alex Guarnascheli | daughter, net worth

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, or Alexandra Maria Guarnaschelli, is the executive chef of New York City’s Butter restaurant. She was born on June 20, 1972. Prior to the Darby’s closure, she served as the executive chef there. She’s been on shows including The Kitchen, Chopped (as a judge), Iron Chef America, All-Star Family Cook-off, Guy’s Grocery Games (as a judge and contestant), and The Best Thing I Ever Ate. She also presents Alex’s Day Off, The Cooking Loft, and Supermarket Stakeout on Food Network and Cooking Channel. She also won the 2012 season of The Next Iron Chef: Redemption. Guarnaschelli’s first cookbook, in fact, was published […]

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Goldie Taylor

Goldie Taylor – Editor, Journalist, Filmmaker & Political Consultant

Goldie Taylor, a 51-year-old American novelist and opinion writer, is a role model for today’s culture. She is a political consultant, an editor, a journalist, and a filmmaker. Goldie is currently employed as a senior editor at The Daily Beast, an American news organization.Goldie began her career as a journalist in the US Marine Corps in 1988. She has also worked for a number of high-profile television networks, including MSNBC, NBC, and CNN. She has been employed for The Daily Beast since 2014. Goldie Taylor’s Parents Taylor was born in University City, Missouri, on July 18, 1968. Her father was murdered when she was five […]

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olivia munn

Olivia Munn

After growing up in Tokyo, Olivia Munn, an American actress and model, made her way into the acting world, appearing in many plays and modeling jobs. Before settling in Los Angeles to perform on television, she returned to her birthplace. Olivia Munn, Her Biography Lisa Oklahoma City native Olivia Munn was born on July 3, 1980. Kim Munn, her mother, was born in Vietnam and escaped to Oklahoma during the war. Her father, Winston Munn, is also from Vietnam. She also had a stepfather in the Air Force who wed her mother in 1982. Living in a single-family house with her parents, she rented an […]

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Eric Clapton

The Net Worth Of Eric Clapton and Career Bio

According to Celebrity Net Worth, British rock artist and renowned guitarist Eric Clapton is one of the most successful musicians in history, with a net worth of $450 million after six decades on stage and in the studio. The Early Career of Eric Clapton With the rock band the Yardbirds, he started his musical career in earnest in 1963. He joined John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers on the day the band scored its first major hit in 1965. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he rose to popularity and prominence with the band Cream, producing six albums and big songs such as the catchy “White Room” […]

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Bill and Melinda Gates Hit the Untie Knot

Bill and Melinda Gates have finally said that enough is enough with married life and did the honourable thing of untying the matrimonial knot. The two of them married in the year 1994 and have been together ever since then. They have raised three kids together, now all grow up. Bill Gates happens to be one of the ten riches men according to Forbes. He has a net worth of 130.5 billon dollars. The two of them first met while she was working at Microsoft. It is the tech giant Mr Gates along with Allen, deceased founded as partners. Bill Managed to side out his […]

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