Goldie Taylor – Editor, Journalist, Filmmaker & Political Consultant

Goldie Taylor, a 51-year-old American novelist and opinion writer, is a role model for today’s culture. She is a political consultant, an editor, a journalist, and a filmmaker. Goldie is currently employed as a senior editor at The Daily Beast, an American news organization.
Goldie began her career as a journalist in the US Marine Corps in 1988. She has also worked for a number of high-profile television networks, including MSNBC, NBC, and CNN. She has been employed for The Daily Beast since 2014.

Goldie Taylor’s Parents

Taylor was born in University City, Missouri, on July 18, 1968. Her father was murdered when she was five years old, on November 5, 1973. Her mother, Mary, was also a single mother who reared her children.
Taylor went to public schools in the St. Louis metro area. After relocating to Atlanta in 1986, Goldie enrolled at Cross Keys High School. Similarly, she had enrolled in US Marine Public Affairs Broadcasting training at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana. On medical reasons, she was given an honorable release.

Goldie Taylor with her uncle after separating from her husband

Goldie got accepted to Emory University in Atlanta after completing her training. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in international affairs.

Political Career Of Goldie Taylor

In the year 1990, Taylor began her political career. She was the Deputy Press Secretary for the Fulton County Commission in 1993. Her political career began at a low point when she was a part of Guy Millner’s failed 1996 bid for the Republican Senate nomination.
She joined Kasim Reed for the mayor, where she worked as a Communication Director, after getting some experience. She helped with President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign fundraising in the years after that.

Goldiw Taylor In A Photoshoot

Taylor spent the four years following the presidential election as a political contributor to MSNBC, writing for She drew attention to concerns of social justice.

Writing Career Of Goldie Taylor

Taylor began working part-time for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution as a writer. Her debut work with WheatMark Press, “In My Father’s House,” was self-published in 2005.
In addition, “The January Girl” was the second novel. This novel was initially published by Madison Park Press in 2007 and was then re-released by Grand Central Publishing. In 2018, she published “Paper Gods,” her third novel, with St. Martin’s Press.

Life As A Television Personal

She was a regular contributor to CNN, MSNBC, and HLN as a person with several personalities over the course of roughly 30 years. She mostly discussed social, political, and religious topics. She shared her personal history of sexual assault when speaking on the show ” CNN Newsroom.”
Taylor worked at Sara Lee Corporation as a director of worldwide communications and public affairs. Taylor is currently the CEO of Goldie Taylor Brand Communications, a multi-cultural advertising and public relations firm located in Atlanta.

Net Worth Of Goldie Taylor

Despite the fact that Taylor has worked in the media sector for a long time, she has kept her personal life private. Joshua Taylor is the name of Goldie’s kid. He is now in his late thirties. Taylor has already spoken out about her violent spouse, but she has not given any fresh information about him.
In actuality, Goldie’s estimated net worth is considered to be in the $1 million range. She has amassed a sizable fortune through the media and television. Her businesses were well-known throughout the country after that. As a result, she now enjoys a comfortable existence.

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