Greg Abbott the Governor of Texas Test Positive for Covid-19

Gregg Abbott
Greg Abbott Governor of Texas Test Positive for Covid-19

According to his office, Gov. Greg Abbott tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday.

Greg Abbott, who is fully vaccinated, is exhibiting no symptoms and is confined to the Governor’s Mansion, according to a statement from spokesman Mark Miner. He is undergoing therapy with Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody.

“The Governor has been testing every day,” Miner continued, “and today was the first positive test result.” “Governor Abbott maintains regular contact with his staff, agency leaders, and other government officials to ensure that state government runs smoothly and efficiently.”

Gov. Greg Abbott Covid-19 Case

Miner went on to say that his positive test had been communicated to “everyone the Governor has been in direct touch with today.” Cecilia Abbott, the first woman, tested negative.

Abbott’s positive test comes as the coronavirus pandemic ravages Texas once again, with key indicators such as daily new cases and hospitalizations reaching levels not seen since the last wave in the winter. The governor has drawn national attention for his reluctance to enable local governments and school districts to impose mask or vaccination mandates in the face of the current outbreak.

Greg Abbott has made a number of public appearances recently. He appeared at a Republican rally in Collin County on Monday night, subsequently tweeting pictures of himself speaking to an audience without a mask. He posted photos of a meeting with musician Jimmie Vaughan less than three hours before his diagnosis was revealed Tuesday afternoon.

Abbott got the vaccination in front of the camera in Austin late last year, aiming to set an example. While breakthrough instances like Abbott’s can occur, public health authorities have said that vaccinations have been shown to be helpful in lowering the severity of the infection.

Exas has been slow to get the vaccination throughout the country. 45.2 percent of Texans were completely immunized as of Sunday.

Greg Abbott Twit
His Official Twit of Covid-19

In Texas, pandemic indications have been steadily increasing. On Monday, the state recorded 5,343 new cases and 11,791 hospitalizations. On Sunday, the seven-day average of the positivity rate was 17.8%. That was a modest decrease, but it was still far over the 10% level that Abbott considers hazardous.

House Speaker Dade Phelan said Tuesday afternoon said he was praying for Abbott’s recovery, but Democrats exploited his illness to reaffirm their criticism of his legislative leadership. Julián Castro, a former presidential contender, US housing secretary, and San Antonio mayor, was one of the Democrats who responded.

“From day one, Governor Abbott has placed his own Republican primary politics ahead of public health,” Castro tweeted, sharing a footage of Abbott speaking at the Collin County rally. “I wish him a speedy recovery. I also hope he would take greater responsibility for the children and families of Texas.”

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