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Joe Lando, sometimes known as Joseph John Lando, is a well-known American actor. He is best known for his role as Byron Sully in the western drama television series “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.” Joe also made his cinematic debut in 1986 with a role in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, a science fiction picture.

Higher Ground, Wildfire, Born Wild, Hammurabi, and many others are among Lando’s other significant works.

How old is Joe Lando? Birthdate, Educational Background

Joseph John Lando was born in Praire View, Illinois, in the United States on December 9, 1961. As a result, he is currently 60 years old. In addition, when it comes to his nationality, he is an American. In the same way, he is of mixed ethnicity. His ancestors are Russian, Italian, and Polish. Sagittarius is his zodiac sign.
Furthermore, when it comes to Joe’s educational history, he is well-educated. Stevenson High School was his alma mater, and he graduated with honors. However, no additional information about his schooling is accessible.

Family, Parents, and Siblings of Joe Lando

In terms of his family, Lando hails from a caring and supporting household. His father, Joseph Lando, and mother, Virginia Lando, gave birth to him. There is, however, no more information on his parents, including their professional backgrounds. As a result, we don’t know what his parents do for a job.

In the same way, when it comes to other family members or siblings, Joe is his parents’ youngest kid. Kathy, his ten-year-old elder sister, was his childhood companion.

Joe Lando and Family

Net Worth. How much does Joe earn from his career?

Joe has been working in the industry since 1984. So, his career spans more than three decades, which is a significant amount of time. Furthermore, he has been able to achieve various things in his life throughout this time, like fame, popularity, fans, and others. Likewise, there is no doubting that he amass an enormous amount of riches.
According to certain web estimates, Lando has a net worth of $3 million as of 2022, which is a substantial number. His acting job provides him with a substantial income. He is without a doubt enjoying the high life.

Is Lando married? Who is his Wife? Kids

Joe Lando is married to Kirsten Barlow and they have a child together. Kirsten Barlow worked as an actor in the past. Furthermore, on May 24, 1997, the pair married at The Phoenician Luxury Collection Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. So, their marriage has now lasted over twenty-four years and is still going strong.
Joe Lando and Kirsten are also the parents of four children. On June 3, 1998, the couple had their first child, Jack. Christian, their second son, was born on July 7, 2001, and William, their third son, was born on July 20, 2007. Finally, on April 3, 2003, their fourth child, Kate Elizabeth, was born.

Is Joe available on any social media platforms?

The actor is active on Twitter, where he has a sizable fan base. He goes by the handle @Joe Lando and has over 7,000 followers on Twitter.

Joe Lando on Twitter

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