Keechant Sewell

Keechant Sewell First Black Woman Heads NYPD

Keechant Sewell has been selected as the first woman of color to be commissioner of police of New York City Police. History in its making of the 175 year old city and having the country’s largest police force

How Did Keechant Sewell Do it?

The quest for a police commissioner for Mayor-elect Eric Adams concluded in his own neighborhood.
He chose the Nassau County Police Department’s 49-year-old head of detectives as the first woman to lead the NYPD in its 175-year existence.
Even before he met the chief of police of his dreams. It had to be a person with “motional intelligence,” Adams said to Kramer.” He claimed he discovered it in Keechant Sewell, a Long Island City native who grew up in the Queensbridge Houses.

Keechant Sewell
Keechant Sewell Selected to Be first black woman as NYPD Police Commissioner in its 175 year history

“The hiring of Chief Keechant Sewell today sends a strong message to all girls and young women in the city. Your possibilities have no bounds, “Admas stated his opinion.

“In New York, we are at a crossroads. The dual concerns of public safety and police accountability that our city confronts are not mutually incompatible “According to Sewell.

Adams pledged to appoint a woman of color to head the country’s biggest police force before he was elected mayor, and he was beaming from ear to ear as he presented Sewell as the woman with whom he would work to restore public safety, which he sees as a precondition to the city’s success.

“The embodiment of emotional intelligence,” he said.

I believe my viewpoint is unique. I bring a new set of eyes to the table. We keep saying √©motional intelligence,’ but I believe the first thing people think of when they hear it is, ‘Women are a bit sensitive.’ Sensitivity, in my opinion, is a strength.” According to Keechant Sewell.

Because Adams valued emotional intelligence so highly, as part of the arduous multi-layered interview process, the mayor-elect and his staff required Keechant Sewell and all of the contenders to participate in a simulated news conference concerning the killing of an unarmed Black man by a white police officer.

He said that the exam was crucial.

“We were looking for a way to get under her skin. We intended to pose some challenging questions to her. We wanted to test how she would react if she was startled. We wanted to see how you handle being in the spotlight in New York City “Adams stated his opinion. “When there is a terrorist attack, when there is a shooting, when there are riots in the streets, when there are demonstrations, when there is disturbance, the people of the city turn to the police commissioner to see whether everything is going to be well.”

So, what made Sewell stand out from all of the other candidates from throughout the country?

“She began her statement by stating that the death of a young person was tragic. She exhibited sympathy. Others focused on policing’s technical aspects “Admas stated his opinion.

If I wanted someone to just continue doing what we’ve always done, I would have chosen some of the country’s top police chiefs. I wanted a visionary, someone who could help us restructure our department‚Ķ. This one is a definite winner. We’ve got a great winner on our hands.” Adams continued.

Keechant Sewell made it obvious in taking the post that she was aware of the crucial message her choice was conveying.

Stand here today because a guy made a brave and unabashedly choice long before his momentous and successful victory, a decision that provided women in law enforcement around the nation an opportunity, not a favor, but a chance to work with him “According to Sewell.

Sewell’s climb through the ranks of the Nassau County Police Department demonstrates that she is not hesitant to take on controversial matters.

Kramer inquired about a contentious initiative that dated back to former Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s tenure.

I’m curious as to how you feel about various quality-of-life offenses, and if you believe such crimes, known as “broek windows,” should be punished in the city as a means of restoring the city’s wealth.”

Kramer remarked.

Do it. Lower-level offenses, in my opinion, should only be prosecuted when they are suitable, when they can be balanced with the public’s and community’s interests “According to Keechant Sewell.

She also said that she supports improving bail reform regulations, which have resulted in too many individuals committing crimes the same day they are arrested.

I believe judges must have discretion in order to keep dangerous individuals off the streets, but it’s all about striking the appropriate balance, right? We must be able to strike a balance between what is vital to the community and what is safe “According to Sewell.

Outgoing Police Commissioner Dermot Shea congratulated his replacement, stating that with her at the helm, the men and women in blue would be in excellent hands.

CBS2 obtained information from sources. Sewell, the department’s 45th commissioner, will report directly to Adams, who has prioritized restoring public safety.

She abolished the covert plainclothes squad during the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, and Adams has already promised to bring it back. He also said that he wants beat police to be reinstated.

Residents of Sewell’s Queensbridge neighborhood are overjoyed that she received the position.

It’s critical that she provides a platform for young women of color to see that there’s nothing preventing them from succeeding, and that she has compassion, which we so need in our community “Stephanie Chauncey expressed her thoughts.

“That’s a positive development. It demonstrates that there has been progress in the Black community and among women, since women have been marginalized for generations and it is past time for them to be given the respect they deserve “Noel Meritt chimed in.

Source of Information: CBS New York

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