Lindsay Ellis, Quits Twitter, YouTube

Lindsay Ellis, 37, is a best-selling author and YouTuber who abandoned Twitter and YouTube in December 2021 after being harassed online.

Her YouTube channel, where she produces video essays and film reviews, has over a million followers.

Who is Lindsay Ellis?

Lindsay grew raised in Johnson City, Tennessee, where she was born in 1984.

She began her career in 2008 as part of the Channel Awesome production business as The Nostalgia Chick on the internet.

Lindsay Ellis has quit Twitter and YouTube due to online harassment where she has been running her channels

Ellis left Channel Awesome in 2014 to concentrate on her writing and long-form video essays.

Ellis has a long-running series on her YouTube channel on Walt Disney Pictures films, as well as video essays about the film business and a long-running series about the Transformers films.

“Things that are horribly damaged yet have this incredibly amazing potential,” Ellis says of her favorite themes.

In July 2020, she released her sci-fi first book, Axiom’s End, which rapidly became a New York Times Best Seller.

Ellis launched the MusicalSplaining podcast in early 2020, where she talks about musicals with her co-host, director and cartoonist Kaveh Taherian.

The singer has been the victim of online abuse throughout her career, leading to her resignation from YouTube and Twitter in December 2021.

Lindsay Ellis has stepped down from Twitter for a variety of reasons.

Lindsay Ellis revealed on Twitter on December 28, 2021 that she is leaving her job as a content producer.

She broke the news to her admirers through a Patreon blog post titled “Walking away from Omelas.”

This decision was made because she was “harassed to her breaking point” over an earlier tweet in which she suggested Disney’s Raya And The Last Dragon was extremely similar to Avatar: The Last Airbender, according to her fans.

The tweet was sent on March 26, 2021, and was shortly followed by another, in which Lindsay clarified that she didn’t want to suggest that “all Asian-inspired properties are the same.”

What did Lindsay Ellis have to say?

The two removed tweets, which sparked an outpouring of internet haters, were about Disney’s Raya and The Last Dragon, a 2021 cartoon based on traditional Southeast Asian traditions.

“Also saw Raya and the Last Dragon and I think we need to come up with a term for this genre that is basically Avatar: the Last Airbender reduxes,” Lindsay tweeted after seeing the film. In any case, it’s like half of all YA fantasy produced in the previous several years.”

People said her remark meant Avatar was the beginning point for fiction influenced by Eastern cultures, which sparked a backlash.

“I can see where if you squint I was saying all Asian-inspired things are the same, particularly if you were previously privy to those talks where I had not seen them,” she said with a follow-up tweet. However, TLA’s core structure is gaining traction in fantasy literature outside of Asian-inspired works.”

Lindsay announced her departure from social media in a Patreon blog post, saying, “I realize now that being in the public spotlight at all is a losing game, and I regret everything.”

“Everything is hollow and fragile, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s how easily disposable I am.”

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