Lola Rose Sheen – Bio and Father Charlie Sheen


The Biography of Charlie Sheen’s Daughter, Lola Rose Sheen

Lola Rose Sheen, the second born daughter of Denise Richards and the infamous Charlie Sheen, an actor in his own rights and who made “Two and a Half Men’ all the more worthwhile watching. The Sheen family name has long been known in the film industry.

Lola Rose Sheen and her other two sister aged 15 years and 14 years, live a lavish and public lifestyle with all the glamour and litter. When Rose was a child she along with her mother attended many notable events. A part of it was her mother’s reality TV shows made it into her career.

Get to Know Her Parents, Denise and Charlie Sheen

At the time of her birth, both of her parents had already left each other, so Lola Rose Sheen wasn’t able to get the attention that children then need.

Her mother Denise Lee Richards was able to pick up a number of awards which include the Goldert Raspberry and the Northeast Film Festival Award in film and television.

Charlie Sheen With Daughters Sam and Lola
Charlie Sheen With Daughters Sam and Lola

As for his father, Carlos Irwin Estevez which is his household name, Charlie Sheen is known for his movies such as Scary Movie 3, Hot Shots, Young Guns and Wall Street, plus his role in the Three Musketeers made him well-known in the world of acting and the filmy world.

Richard and Charlie Sheen Marriage, the Parents of Lola Rose Sheen

Lola Rose Sheen With Mom
Lola Rose Sheen with Denise Richards, Her Mom as a toddler

While filming for Good Advice, where Denise plays Cindy Styne and Charlie plays Ryan Edward Turner, the two had met. In 2001, the romance began and they started dating, got engaged in 2001, December 26 and after a month got married on June the 15, 2002. They seemed to become inseparable from each other. The two had had two children together, Sam Sheen who was born in 2004 and Lola Rose Sheen on 1st June’2005. They were a happy couple as it seemed till Denise filed for divorce in 2006 stating several allegations against her then husband, such as alcohol and drug abuse along with death threats. On 30th Nov’2006 they finally separated.

Her Brothers and Sisters

Denise adopted Eloise Joni Richards when she heard of how horribly Charlie Sheen had died. This was her third child. In December of the same year she began dating Phypers and later wedded in a private ceremony. They have not had any children together but they are the proud parents of Eloise , Sam and Lola, they three daughters. Charlie Sheen’s break up with Demise Richards lead him to dating a couple of women and he finally married Brooke Mueller who is an actress, but this ende in divorce too. Before they left ways they had twins, Max and Bob, whom they raised together. He had also had a daughter off Paula called Cassandra Jade Estevez.

Lola Rose Sheen Net Worth

Lola Rose Sheen is still dependent on her parents though she lives a lavish life from the wealth of her parents. She devotes a large chunk of her time to her studies. But, as for her mother, her portion of wealth comes from her acting career and is said to be racking in about $13 to $14 million presently. As for Charlie Sheen is said to have about $10 million. He is the highest paid television actor. In the famous TV serial, he was paid $1 million per episode, but sadly he had to return a substantial amount when he was made to leave the show due to issues with his personal life, in Two and a Half Men.

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