Man Claims Having A Bomb Near The U.S. Capitol Surrenders

Capitol Bomb Scare
US Capitol Bomb Scare – Man Surrenders

A man who claimed to have a bomb in his pickup truck in front of the Library of Congress surrendered on Thursday, following an hour-long standoff.

Floyd Ray Roseberry, 49, of Grover, N.C., has been named as the suspect by police.

“He surrendered, did not resist, and our officers were able to apprehend him,” said US Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger on Thursday. “At this point, we don’t know what his motivations are.”

Police allegedly bargained with Roseberry by writing on a whiteboard, according to Manger. Police eventually deployed a robot to try to give him a phone, but Roseberry refused to use it, according to Manger. Roseberry stepped out of the car soon after, according to Manger, and was brought into custody without incident.

The vehicle has been driven away from the accident site. The vehicle did not contain a device, but “potential bomb manufacturing ingredients were recovered from the truck,” according to the US Capitol Police.

Roseberry’s mother had just died, according to Manger, and “there were other problems that he was struggling with,” according to his family.

Facebook deleted the suspect’s profile and livestream

According to Philip Todd, chief deputy of the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement authorities from Cleveland County, N.C., as well as federal law enforcement officials, went to Roseberry’s home earlier Thursday.

“As far as I know,” Todd told NPR’s Carrie Johnson, “the FBI has questioned the wife, and she is cooperating.”

Facebook claimed it had deleted a livestream allegedly showing the suspect in his vehicle many hours after the event was reported.

On Twitter, Andy Stone, Facebook’s director of policy communications, stated, “Not only did we disable the livestream, but we also deleted his profile from Facebook and are continuing to investigate.”

A guy may be seen making anti-government comments and claiming to have ammonium nitrate in his truck’s toolbox in at least one of the recordings.

During the August break, lawmakers are largely absent

Bomb Scare
The US Capitol Building in Lockdown Mode

At 9:15 a.m. ET, the guy drove a black truck onto the sidewalk in front of the library’s Thomas Jefferson Building and informed an officer he had a bomb, according to Manger. According to the officer, the guy was holding what looked to be a detonator.

The bomb threat came as Congress continues to examine the Jan. 6 insurgency at the United States Capitol, in which a crowd of Trump supporters rushed the building.

Several streets in the vicinity were blocked as a consequence of the threat, as were adjacent institutions like as the United States Supreme Court and Congress. The FBI’s Washington Field Office and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives responded to the incident, according to the FBI.

The House of Representatives and Senate are both on recess, and most legislators are not in their offices.

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