Michael Angarano

Michael Angarano

Michael Angarano is an American actor. It’s also worth noting that he’s well-known for his roles in such films as Music of the Heart (1999), Cover Me (2001), and I’m Dying Up Here (2017-2018), as well as 2005’s “Sky High.”
Furthermore, he has featured in a number of films and television shows up till this point in time. In addition to “This Is Us,” Michael has also appeared. In addition, he was nominated for a 2019 Primetime Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for his work on the show.

Short Bio of Michael Angarano

Angarano was born on December 3, 1987 in the United States city of Brooklyn, where he now lives and works. So, it seems that he is 33 years old right now. As for his nationality, he is an American as well. He is also of Italian ancestry. Sagittarius is his horoscope sign.

His Education Background

When it comes to his educational background, we can say that he is very knowledgeable. In high school, Michael went to Crespi, a Catholic high school, for his studies. He was also a high school graduate there. Similarly, he enrolled in California State University, Northridge, for his post-secondary study.

Parents and Siblings

Moving on to his family, he comes from a really close-knit group of people. Michael P. Angarano, Sr. was the father of Angarano. The Angarano family also has three popular dance studios in New York (Brooklyn and Staten Island), as well as one in Los Angeles (Canoga Park, California) called Reflections in Dance.
Aside from that, he has three additional siblings: two older sisters and a younger brother. Kristen and Erica Angarano are his two sisters. Angarano shares the surname Angarano with both his older brother and his younger brother. But there is no more information available online.

His Net Worth

He has been in the business for a long time. As a result of his hard work and commitment, Angarano has acquired a great deal of reputation, celebrity, and fortune. As a performer, he is a master.
Consequently, it is impossible to dispute that his career and stellar achievements have earned him a fortune. According to a few reports, he has an estimated net worth of $4 million as of 2021, which is amazing.

Personal Life

Michael Angarano With GF
Michael Angarano With His Girl Friend

As far as his personal life goes, Michael is engaged. He got engaged to Maya Erskine in November of 2020. In September 2019, Maya Erskine confirmed her relationship with Anthony. Maya also disclosed her pregnancy on the same day that he proposed to her. They are, in fact, expecting their first kid in the not too distant future. Greetings to him and his new family.
In addition, Michael has had a few female acquaintances. Also in 2008, it was believed that Michael had a relationship with Kristen Stewart. Despite this, he refused to acknowledge the connection. Juno Temple, an actress, was his ex-girlfriend. As they worked on their 2014 film, “The Brass Teapot,” they became acquainted. In 2016, however, they decided to call it quits after a while.

Social Media

Michael Angarano Social Media Profile
Michael Angarano Posting On Twitter

As far as I know, the actor is active on social media. He has a presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. “michaellangarano” is his Instagram handle. As a result, he has already amassed a following of 81.8k. Also, he shares a lot of great selfies. On Twitter, he goes by the handle @michaelangarano and has more than 9,000 followers. Finally, he has more than 14,000 fans on Facebook.

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