Michelle Kwan Welcomes 1st Baby

Michelle Kwan, please accept my heartfelt congratulations.

On Instagram on Wednesday, the former figure skater and two-time Olympic champion astonished her fans and followers by revealing that she’d just given birth to her first child, a lovely baby girl, without ever announcing her pregnancy.

Michelle Kwan An Family Welcomes in Newly Come Baby

“I’m ecstatic and tears of pleasure are running down my cheeks as I announce the news of Kalista Belle Kwan’s birth!” said the 41-year-old beside a picture of herself cradling the bundle of joy. “I’ve always wanted to be a mother, and she’s a wonderful miracle in my eyes.” I couldn’t imagine what she would look like, yet she seemed to have been in my life for a long time.”

Kwan went on to say, though, that being a mom wasn’t easy for her.

“I’m happy I never gave up,” she wrote. “This has been a difficult trip to parenthood (not to mention a very lengthy labor!!!) and I’m glad I never gave up.” “I am very fortunate to have had the support of so many people during this period, including my fertility doctor, physicians and nurses who cared for me, friends who shared their tales, and, of course, my family and my, without whom I could not live.”

Kwan also revealed a time-lapse series of images during the pregnancy that she had kept hidden for so long, in addition to the portrait of daughter Kalista.

Michelle Kwan Baby Which Kept Secret From Public Knowledge

“As my closest friends and family know, I’m usually full of surprises and like to keep my personal life private,” she said. “And, for months, I’ve wanted to share this good news, but each milestone felt both exhilarating and intimidating at the same time.” Every step of the way, I was aware that additional time would be required before I could hold her in my arms. To catch you all up, here’s a little montage of the previous 9 months:)”

“Also, I’d like to give my best wishes to all the mothers out there (as we all know, mums control the world!),” she added. “And, of course, I wish everyone who is trying to conceive in any method (ivf, iui, surrogacy, adoption, or naturally) the best of luck and love.” You are not alone on this journey, and I am rooting for you.”

The post was quickly followed by a flood of congratulations from her many renowned pals in the comments section.

“OMG Michelle!!!!!!” says the narrator. Congratulations!!!! Mama, she’s stunning!!!!!!!” Debra Messing, actress of “Will & Grace,” penned the piece.

“Now it’s time to have some fun!” Alyssa Milano, the actress, clapped. “If you need anything, text me.”

“So great congrats!” wrote Kristi Yamaguchi, a former figure skater. “Sweet young child,” says the narrator.

Who is Michelle Kwan?

Kwan is one of the most decorated figure skaters in US history, having earned a silver medal at the Winter Olympics in 1998 and a bronze in 2002. She was the winner of more than 40 competitions. She ended the message by wishing “all the mothers out there (as we all know, moms run the world!)” her support.
Michelle Wingshan Kwan (born July 7, 1980) is a former ice skater from the United States. She was the most awarded figure skater in US history and skated at the senior level for nearly a decade. She is generally regarded as one of the best figure skaters of all time, because to her consistency and expressive creativity on the rink.
Kwan dominated figure skating for nearly a decade, winning a record 43 titles, including five World Championships, nine U.S. National Championships, and two Olympic gold. Kwan is now the Director of Surrogates for Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign.

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