Naomi Osaka breaks up and exits the press conference

Naomi Osaka
Naomi Osaka In Action

In her first press conference since disclosing her mental health problems almost three months ago, tennis star Naomi Osaka momentarily left the room in tears after being asked a question by a reporter.

During a Zoom news conference, Osaka, who is competing in the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati this week, answered a question from a Cincinnati Enquirer writer on how she interacts with the media when she is angry.

Why does Naomi Osaka leave to return?

“You’re not enthusiastic about working with us, particularly in this manner, but you have a lot of outside interests that a media platform serves. “I suppose my concern is, how do you strike a balance between the two?” said renowned sports writer Paul Daugherty.

“What do you mean when you say I’m not enthusiastic about interacting with you guys?” she inquired of Daugherty.

After a lengthy pause, the moderator asked Osaka if she wanted to go on to the next topic, but she refused and instead requested Daugherty to repeat the question.

“I can’t help it if some of the things I tweet or say end up in a lot of news stories or anything like that. And I know that these things happen because I’ve won a few of Grand Slams and had a lot of press conferences,” Osaka said. “However, I’d also add I’m not sure how to strike a balance.” I’d say I’m figuring things out at the same time as you.”

She began to weep and exited the room seconds later. She did, however, return after a little while to complete the interview. In a statement to NBC News, her agent, Stuart Duguid, took issue with Daugherty’s query.

He added, “The bully at the Cincinnati Enquirer is the embodiment of why player-media relations are so tense right now.” “Everyone on that Zoom would agree that his tone was very inappropriate, and his only goal was to intimidate.” This is really heinous conduct. And don’t be so self-indulgent as to suggest that Naomi’s off-court success is due to the media.”

Naomi Osaka Mental Health
Naomi Osaka talks of Mental Health

In a response to NBC News, Cincinnati Enquirer Executive Editor Beryl Love supported Daugherty’s inquiry.

“At the press conference, we appreciated Ms. Osaka’s polite conversation. It was a simple inquiry that we believe led to a significant conversation. “However, we truly apologize if our questions offended her in any way,” Love added.

In an Osaka-related piece, Daugherty discussed their conversation.

He wrote, “She’s extremely human and doesn’t mind expressing it.”

The press conference on Monday was Osaka’s first since she withdrew from the French Open after refusing to talk to the media and disclosing her mental health issues. She also pulled out of Wimbledon before choosing to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, where she was upset in the third round and did not medal.

Naomi Osaka leave press conference in tears to return later

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