Naomi Osaka, stressful environment lead in rise of anxiety

Naomi Osaka
Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka stayed composed while addressing questions on Wednesday after her 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 comeback victory against Coco Gauff to go to the third round of the WTA Cincinnati Masters tournament.

It was impossible to detect any signs of the timid Japanese second seed’s nervousness about attending the post-match media conferences as she outlined potential causes for her emotional crisis, which began three months ago when she withdrew from the French Open after just one match.

Rise In Anxiety Caused By Environment

She said that being interviewed by media was detrimental to her mental health.

When it comes to Haiti (her father’s country) and Afghanistan, the four-time Grand Slam champion described the situation as “beyond insane.”

The fact that I’m in the United States, striking a tennis ball, and that people are coming to see me play is insane to me.”

Osaka, who grew up in New York, seemed as if she was attempting to come to terms with the mental problems that have been troubling her lately, concerns that forced her to withdraw from the game from the Paris Olympics until the Tokyo Olympics a few weeks ago.

This is her first competition since she was eliminated in the third round of the Olympic Games.

“I’m curious as to what had such a negative impact on me and caused me to avoid working in the media. “Perhaps I was afraid of making negative news (if she lost),” she said.

“Having people come to see me should make me feel like I’m winning (in life); having them there is a triumph.”

But it didn’t start out as a personal achievement for me because I was ungrateful.”

Osaka speculated that dealing with Covid-19 may have had a role as well.

“It’s possible that some of the stress was caused by living in Covid (tennis) bubbles and not seeing (other) people,” she said.

The problem erupted again last week at her first press conference in Cincinnati, when a simple question caused her to break into tears before regaining her composure and finishing the session.

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