United States to completely to leave embassy in Kabul In 72 hours

Two individuals familiar with the situation told CNN on Sunday that the US is withdrawing all US employees from its embassy in Kabul over the next 72 hours, including senior officials. Given the pace with which the Taliban has seized territory in Afghanistan in recent days, the departure of embassy staff represents a dramatic acceleration of a process that was just announced on Thursday. It’s a scenario that many State Department security officials anticipated to happen. United States Embassy to Pull Out of Kabul Completely The majority of American ambassadors will travel back to the United States from Kabul, the capital. According to the sources, […]

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Afghan Cities Fall to Taliban Leaving Kabul Surrounded

On Sunday, Taliban troops in Afghanistan seized additional provincial capitals, including Jalalabad, a vital eastern city, leaving Kabul as the only major city still under government control. According to reports, the United States has begun to evacuate its embassy in Kabul due to concerns that a Taliban attack on the capital, Afghanistan’s biggest city, might occur within days. The Associated Press reported that helicopters arrived at the US facility early Sunday. A 1000 More American Boots Back In Afganistan Most Cities Fall to Taliban Forces President Joe Biden increased military deployment on Saturday in an effort to guarantee a “orderly and safe withdrawal.” The fundamentalist […]

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Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain hammers Biden over Afghan withdrawal

Meghan McCain went to Twitter on Friday to criticize Vice President Joe Biden’s plan to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, calling the Taliban’s recent territory advances “very disgusting.” McCain, who just wrapped up a four-year tenure as a co-host on “The View,” voiced her displeasure with the present situation in Afghanistan, where the Taliban now hold half of the country’s 34 provincial capitals as the rebel organization moves closer to Kabul. “Even if you believed leaving Afghanistan was the correct choice,” the conservative pundit said, “this is a reckless, hazardous, blundering, and humiliating retreat.” “We killed our interpreters, women, children, and individuals who had assisted […]

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