Paul Jake, a YouTuber, a Professional Boxer, His Bio and Net Worth


Jake Paul having the given family name of Jake Joseph Paul is a famed YouTuber that rose to promients first on vine after which he plays the role of Dirk Mann in the Disney Series Bizaardvark for two seasons. He is also a professional boxer.

Along his line of work Jake Paul has been the pillar of controversies with his behavior on YouTube which rose him to fame such as risky stunts, sexual implied behaior, and displaying not allowed age-related material on the social media channel. He has also been indicted for criminal trespassing and assembling unlawfully along with being accused twice of sexual charges.

The Biography, Personal Life, Parents and Networth of Jake Paul

Jake Paul, who is a professional boxer besides being a notoriously fame media personality was born on the 17th of January in the year 1997 in Cleverland, in the State of Ohio of the United States. Which makes him a natural born native of the country. Presently, he is 24 years old.

Parents, Siblings and Relatives of Jake Paul

Jake Paul was born to Parmela Ann Stepnick, his mother and a reator, Gregory Allan Paul, his father. He has a brother older than him clled Logan. Paul began his career in the year 2013 by posting videos on vine but was thrown out of Twitter early by which time he had gained 5.5 million followers and on the app about 2 billion.

Jake Paul YouTube Career

Fed Up with being pushed around so easily, he launched his own channel on YouTube in the year 2014 on 15th May with the show Bizaardvark. This channel consists of his known pranks, controveries and his rap music.
Getting accolades from followers of his stunts on vine aand YouTube, he was allowed into Bizaardvark as a character performing dared requests. Finally after an announcement by Disney Channel, he left the series.

Jake Paul Media
Jake Paul Responds to a Question Thrown at him by the Media for his fight against Tyron Woodley

Professional Boxing Life of Jake Paul

He finally announced on the 21st of December that he would be taking to professional boxing, aginst the YouTuber AnE sonGib on 30th January’2020. Paul won that fight. Next, he took on Nate Robison as being part of the undercard, Mike Tyson verus Roy Jones. It went onto a professional fight between him and Ben Asken on 21st February’2021 in Atlanta. This event had 1.42 million pay per views. Next, it was him versus Woodley on 31st May’2021, which he won on a descison 77-75, 78-74.
The fight with Tommy Fury was cancelled and was replaced with Woodley II to be fought on the 18th of Dec this year.

paul jake verus tyron woodley
Paul Jake verus Tyron Woodley

The Personal Life of Jake Paul

He comes comes from a mixed family of ancestries of English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Jewish and Germans. His first love of his life was a fellow YouTuber Alissa Violet, whom, they finally parted way in April 2018. Next, he started seeing Erika Costell, and American Model. This only lasted for a couple of months and they parted ways after seven months. Then again it another fellow Youtuber Tana Mongeau. In a joke the two said they were engaged and married. This ended in Jan’2020. The next shot was another American Model, Julia Rose, where there relationship has been on the off and ons. As of now they still seems to be seeing each other.

Julia Rose
Julia Rose The Present Girlfriend of Jake Pual

The Net Worth of Paul Jake

This personality has made a killing from all his controversies, pranks, professional boxing career at just an early age of 24 according to online sources. He seems to be of in hold of a net worth of $24 million.

Social Media Standing

Being such as personality, it is obvious that he has a long line of followers on all the social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram and other. A search on the net will give you the means on his handles and how to follow along what he still has to throw at us.

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