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Prince William’s Earthshot Winner Talks Meeting Two Future Kings and ‘Incredibly Kind’ Kate Middleton at COP26

Prince William is doing all he can to help rescue the planet, beginning with exposing the inventors behind his decade-long Earthshot Prize program to global and corporate leaders who can fund their innovative work.

William talked proudly of the finalists and winners of his first Earthshot Prize Awards at last week’s COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

Prince William is doing all he can to help rescue the planet

Green entrepreneurs like Sam Teicher were able to discuss ideas with people like US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Change John Kerry and the Prime Ministers of Australia and the Bahamas because to William’s efforts.
“It wasn’t simply a matter of ‘please meet these individuals and do your own thing,'” Teicher tells PEOPLE. “He was dragging them over to come speak to us and make sure they were there to assist us.”
Teicher and his longtime friend and colleague Gator Halpern are the co-founders of Coral Vita, a Bahamas-based firm that has discovered innovative techniques to produce coral so that it may be returned to the ocean to help repair one of nature’s natural marine defenses. Their effort won first place in the Revive Our Oceans category, and they were awarded $1.3 million from Earthshot to expand their work over the following ten years.

Prince Talks about Climate Change at a Conference in Glasgow. England

According to Teicher, the prince, 39, was inquiring of Prime Ministers and Envoy Kerry about how Teicher and Halpern might assist them with their unique demands, urging them, “You make those inquires and listen to Sam.”
Teicher describes him as “very straightforward, open, and kind.” “His ability to break through old process and just be straightforward so that badly needed remedies may be adopted right away — or at least considerably more quickly — is quite extraordinary.”
“Those things are all really because of Prince William’s leadership through the Earthshot Prize,” Teicher and Halpern say, noting that “those things are all really because of Prince William’s leadership through the Earthshot Prize.” Teicher and Halpern and their colleagues are now talking about where they can locate new coral farms and are in talks with senior leaders in the Bahamas to ensure their work can be carried out more efficiently and impactfully.
Following the global leaders’ conference, Kate Middleton joined William and the Earthshot crew for a reception.
PEOPLE quotes Teicher as saying “She was really gracious, inquisitive, and curious,” the Duchess of Cambridge, 39, said. “William was talking back and forth with her and us, and she was really wonderfully nice and interested in all the work we’re doing.”
Teicher confesses after meeting Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, that “I’m a history buff, so meeting two future Kings is quite an experience. Prince Charles was very aware and involved in environmental issues. He’s been concerned about this for decades. It wasn’t simply idle chatter. It was genuinely asking questions, coming up with ideas, and thinking about individuals we may be able to connect with, as well as having a pleasant and meaningful chat.”
Even on the road to the top, it was evident that William’s environmental prize work was having an impact. Teicher met a young lady on the way north from London who asked him why he was going to COP26.
He remembers saying, “When I stated I did something with corals, her mouth fell.” “On the train, we wore masks, but I could see her eyes dilated. ‘Are you the Earthshot Prize winner?’ It was extremely sweet – a little humiliating, but a lot of fun. She had, in fact, witnessed the whole event with her family.”
When William learned of the unexpected meeting, he thanked Teicher and inquired about his work, noting how the inventor had been noticed on the train: “He could see the influence of his concept beyond the winners and finalists, and that was extremely amazing.”
“One of the most exciting aspects about Generation Earthshot is that there is a genuine focus on motivating everyone, especially young people, that everything is possible and that you should go for it,” Teicher says.
The sessions in Glasgow also brought together the newly-awarded Earthshot winners, as well as some of the other candidates, to form a new community in which they can exchange ideas and collaborate on their planet-saving initiatives. “The other finalists and winner really motivated me,” Teicher says. “Knowing them will improve the job that Gator and I perform.”

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