rory john gates

Rory John Gates

Rory John Gates or simply Rory Gates happens to be the youngest child of the five of Bill and Melinda gates. Who doesn’t happen to know these famed couple who recently divorced after a long life marital bliss. Knowing Rory Gates is first knowing Bill Gates.

Rory John Gates

It so happens not by his liking but by the circumstances of being born into the parentage of Bill and his wife Melinda. Gates is the founder of the famed internet and computer software company Microsoft along with Allen. This drove him into becoming one of the five richest men on Earth. Rory Gates happens to be a really lucky chap. Not all are born with a gold spoon in their mouth.

Birth, Education, Career, Net Worth of Rory Gates

It is time we indulged into this 22 year young man’s life, into aspects such as his birth, education, present career, net and more.

Rory John Gates was born to the billionaire couple on 23rd May’1999 in Seattle, Washington. Here in the picture, he is just ten years old and looks somewhat like his father Bill Gates. Who is to know that he might also inherit his father’s attributes of wealth, fame and intelligence.

Rory and Billi Gates

Having such influential parent such as Bill Gates, that could splash wealth on his five children’s education, Rory Gates must have had the best of educational privileges. Yes, in deed he did. As of present, he has graduated from Lake Side School in Seattle and will be commencing onto his further education at some well reputed university, obviously, which is not known till date.

Rory's Family

Rory John Gates does not happen to be the only child of Bill and Melinda Gates. Along with him he has other sibling. Both of whom are elder sister; Jennifer Katharine Gates and Phoebe Adele Gates. Along with them, they are five members of the family.

Rory Gates With Mom

With such wealthy parents, and money to splash on their children, it is no kept secret that their only son has a net worth of over twenty million dollars so that at present he cold lack for nothing.

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