Sally Wade Carlin: Who is she? Her Family? Net Worth? Age? Husband’s Death?

Sally Wade Carlin was the late comedian George Carlin’s second wife. She passed away in 2007. She is also a well-known screenwriter in her own right.

Sally Wade Carlin: George Carlin’s Secret Second Wife?

The documentary about the late comedian George Carlin’s life has shown audiences the depth of his life. Viewers were able to see the bond that he shared with his second wife, Sally Wade Carlin, and as a result, people are curious to learn more about her. Her name has been searched all over the world.

She tied the knot with him in 1998, and he passed away in 2008. She wed George after the death of George’s first wife, who had battled cancer.

Intimate interviews with Carlin and Brenda’s daughter, Kelly Carlin, are included in his documentary. These interviews provide a novel perspective into the story of her family as well as her parents’ ongoing love and cooperation with one another.

Sally Wade Carlin: Her Age, Family and Early Life?

Based on the images, she looks to be in her mid-60s at the very least. However, we do not have any specific information regarding her date of birth as very little information regarding her personal life has been making its way onto the internet. As a result, it is difficult to find anything specific about her at this time due to the fact that there is so little information available.

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Her most notable accomplishment is that she was George Carlin’s second wife. We are unable to offer any precise information on her childhood since we do not know the names of her parents or her siblings. This prevents us from being able to provide any details about her childhood.

As a result, we are unable to provide you with any specific details on her life when she was younger. When we get more information on her life, we will update any and all information that is pertinent to her and her life.

Sally Wade Carlin: School and College, Where did she Attend?

Because we do not presently have any information on her educational history, we do not currently have any specifics regarding her schooling that have been publicized.

As soon as we get our hands on it, this section will be updated with more information that is more precise about her educational history.

Sally Wade Carlin: Net Worth. How much money does she make?

Her Net Worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Sally Wade Carlin: What does she do for living? Her Career?

She is a performer as well as a writer, and she has written over thirty-five scripts, as well as television episodes and development agreements.

Sally Wade Carlin: Her relationship status? Her Spouse?

She was the late comedian George Carlin’s second wife and they were married for many years.

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In spite of the fact that she had been married to her spouse for 10 years prior to his passing in 2008, she did not have any children during that time.

Sally Wade Carlin: Is she available on any social media platform?

Regarding the specifics of her social media presence, we have no information to provide. This section will be updated as soon as we get further information on her social media profiles and we will include it here.

Sally Wade Carlin: Her physical appearance.

Hair ColorSalt and Pepper
Eye ColorHazel
Sexual OrientationStraight

Sally Wade Carlin: Her general information.

Relationship StatusMarried
SpouseGeorge Carlin
Net Worth$5 million