Sens Rand Paul, Bernie Sanders, Mike Lee to put Yemeni people before profits

The Democrat Senators to Block Sale of Weapons to Saudi Arabia

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul took a stance against Saudi Arabia last week. Senators Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Mike Lee of Utah joined him. They adopted a joint resolution of disapproval to put a stop to planned US weapons sales to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
This military sale to Saudi Arabia includes 280 air-to-air missiles and 596 missile launchers, according to the press statement. Other advanced weaponry, as well as accompanying training and support, were included. The total price tag was anticipated to reach about $650 billion.
The three senators were displeased to say the least.
“We should not be rewarding the Saudi regime with new weapons sales as it continues to conduct its terrible war in Yemen and persecute its own people,” Sen. Sanders stated in a press release.
“We need to send a message to Saudi Arabia that we don’t support their war in Yemen,” Paul stated. “By taking part in this trade, we would not only be encouraging terrible actions, but we would also be increasing Yemen’s humanitarian situation.” I encourage Congress and the Biden Administration to think about the potential ramifications of this transaction, which might hasten an arms race in the Middle East and compromise the security of our military technology.”
The Biden administration has previously said that it would end its backing for Yemen’s conflict. Ending the conflict in Yemen, he said, is an important aspect of his foreign policy. However, there has been little progress in putting that strategy into effect. As a result, Saudi Arabia has maintained its gasoline embargo on Yemen, worsening the country’s humanitarian catastrophe. According to Reuters, the blockage is threatening the supply of food to as many as 13 million people.
The three senators should be commended for passing this resolution. The United States would be aiding the humanitarian disaster in Yemen by allowing this trade to go forward. As many people in Yemen go hungry, Saudi Arabia has imposed a petroleum embargo on the nation, preventing food and water from reaching those who need it most. Senator Rand Paul continues to choose morality before profit. This time, he was able to enlist the help of Senators Bernie Sanders and Mike Lee.
“The war in Yemen is a humanitarian disaster, yet Congress has yet to acknowledge the United States’ involvement in the conflict. The president’s declared position is contradicted with the administration’s planned weapons sale to Saudi Arabia. Sen. Lee said, “I am happy to once again join with my colleagues and fight back against unlawful support for this war.”
Sen. Rand Paul was particularly harsh in his criticism of the agreement.

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