Katharine McPhee, David Foster

The Masked Singer Revealed

Katharine McPhee and Davide Foster as “The Masked Singer”, the Banana Split. The Couple spoke about the song that they were not able to sing and get quality time together.

Katharine and David Foster Are The Masked Singer

The unmasking the Banana Split went to the Group B Finals. The Pair was revealed as Katharine McPhee, who is 37 and David Foster, who is 72. It was for the 8th December episode of “The Masked Singer”. The told of their way they went about being together while preparing and doing The masked Singer together.

Katharine McPhee and David Foster Interview

Katharine McPhee went on to say ,”It was really enjoyable with him and they had so much fun together”. David Foster on the other hand also said, “It was much fun working together. The contestant has already told you the same. Your in isolation and you mix with nobody else. We together, on the first day appeared in the car”. “Then wore Tshirts, gloves and covered their feet. No one knows No one. We are wondering were in hell are we as no knows who the hecks the other is.”, “Ya, Yah, we are together most of the time, we are used it by then, but its fun and quality time. It was real, fun!”

Katharine McPhee, David Foster
Katharine McPhee and David Foster have been revealed as The Mask Singer

Katharine McPhee Butted in,”It was creative time, it was time to go home as same for him, David in the studio, He made all the arrangement and was obsessed with, just as he is.”
The two made an brilliant rendition of “A Million Dreams” by Pink, “Poker Fame”, by Lady Gaga, and others. Sadly one song which the pair want to play but did not come to pass. They thought it for their firs song, of Olivia Rodrigo – Driver’s license.

This is one of the Songs Katharine McPhee and David Foster played as The Masked Singers

They made the arrangement fo they really loved it and were not able to clear the song. They went in for Plan B and it ended up great.

while preforming, Katharine McPhee was in the ice cream part of the Banana Split and David Foster in the banana, This American Idol said that her costume was her biggest obstacle.
Yes, it was a real challenge admitted that. I felt as if I was five month’s pregnant and all way going the other way around. Head felt heavy, armed tied in, during the journey of the Masked Singer,
Katharine is somebody who is no stranger to being in the competition arena. Remember that she was the runner up in American Idol 5.

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