Who is Susan Wojcicki? Short Bio and Net Worth


Susan Diane Wojcicki is a successful entrepreneur, serving as the CEO of YouTube, a website that specializes in video sharing. After earning her master’s degree in economics from the University of California and her master’s in Business Administration from UCLA Anderson School of Management, Wojcicki began her career as a management consultant at R.B. Webber & Company and Bain & Company. In addition, she served in the marketing department of Intel. This gave her the chance to become Google’s first marketing manager, and with her work in that role, she advanced many career levels to become the Senior Vice President of Advertising & Commerce. In her role at Google, she managed two of the company’s biggest purchases, including DoubleClick and YouTube. Ranked at number six on Forbes’ 2017 list of ‘The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women,’ she was the first Thai woman to enter the Top 10. She supports many social issues including giving computer programming more importance in schools, fighting sexism in the IT industry, providing more paid parental leave, and addressing the Syrian refugee crisis.

Childhood and Early Life of Suzan Wojcicki

Susan was born in the Santa Clara County, California, United States on July 5, 1968. His wife, Esther Wojcicki, was a U.S. schoolteacher, journalist, and Vice Chairperson of the Creative Commons advisory board, while his father, Stanley Wojcicki, was a physics professor at Stanford University in California. Anne Wojcicki, a prominent California-based businesswoman and CEO of the ‘23andMe’ biotechnology company, and Janet Wojcicki, an epidemiologist and anthropologist, who is connected to the University of California. Gunn High School, situated in Palo Alto, California, was Susan’s alma mater. She was a gifted writer and had worked as a student journalist. She finished her education at Harvard University in 1990, with a degree in literature and history. In the beginning, she intended to work in academia, so she sought a PhD in economics. Despite her change of heart, she quickly returned to her prior mindset after running into technology. She got her master’s degree in economics at the University of California in Santa Cruz and graduated in 1993. She completed her MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management in 1998.

Career of Suzan Wojcicki

Starting her career in management consulting at R.B. Webber & Company and Bain & Company, Wojcicki went on to serve as the CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation. Also, she worked at Intel in the marketing group in Santa Clara, California, at the company’s headquarters. In September 1998, she let her friends Larry Page and Sergey Brin to use her garage in Menlo Park to set up their offices. The Internet-related firm, with American multinational ownership, was founded on April 4th. Google’s first marketing manager was inducted in 1999. She ultimately began creating services such as Google Images and Google Books, which were released in July 2001 and October 2004, respectively, after her work on viral marketing campaigns and Google doodles. She worked her way up from being a director of advertising and marketing to the senior vice president of advertising and commerce as a result of her ongoing dedication to the advancement of Google. As the director of Google’s advertising and analytics operations, she managed services such as “AdWords”, “Google Analytics”, and “AdSense”, all of which are aimed at helping businesses run more efficiently. Following that, she managed Google’s video services. Wojcicki pushed for Google to acquire YouTube, a video-sharing site that launched in February 2005, as YouTube, in turn, began to challenge Google Video, another video-sharing website. After purchasing YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006, Wojcicki managed the transfer of control to Google. She completed another big deal for Google in 2007 when the firm acquired DoubleClick for $3.1 billion. In February 2014, she became the CEO of YouTube. Since that time, the proportion of women in the business has risen from 24 to about 30. Her job included overseeing the creation of various YouTube apps that catered to customers interested in music, gaming, and family entertainment. Additionally, she oversaw the introduction of YouTube Red, a subscription service that is part of YouTube’s overall offering, as well as YouTube TV, a streaming service that offers cable-like TV programming without a cable connection. The firm reports that in a month, YouTube acquired 1.5 billion members while attracting 1 billion hours of daily watching. After she was appointed the CEO, the organization’s policies regarding videos were revised. After a major British newspaper discovered that terror organization propaganda was readily accessible on YouTube, the video-sharing website rolled out new rules to keep content on the platform safe and in compliance with relevant laws. The video also alleges that the group’s own advertisements as well as those of other private entities were shown immediately before the beginning of the aforementioned films. She was on the Time’s 100 Most Influential People list in 2015. One edition of the magazine dubbed her “the most powerful lady on the internet.” Vanity Fair, a publication covering popular culture, current events, and fashion, named her number 27 on their New Establishment list that year. Her own YouTube account was launched on September 28, 2017, and her first video, ‘Advice From Creators,’ was uploaded soon after. The video’s title was well suited, since it included footage from many YouTube artists. The channel now has over 15,000 subscribers.

Legacy and Personal Life of Susan Wojcicki

She tied the knot with Dennis Troper in Belmont, California, on August 23, 1998. Wojcicki, a mother of five, has remained a staunch supporter of paid leave for parents. She has been open about the need of balancing career and family life. On December 16, 2014, she wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal that highlighted the significance of paid maternity leave. She is both a US and Polish citizen. Her brother-in-law was Sergey Brin, whose sister, Anne, he married from 2007 until 2015. Susan Wojcicki has an estimated net worth of $815 million.

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