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William Bratton, commonly known as William J. Bratton, where the J stands for his middle name, Joseph, is a well-known and well-respected specialist in security and risk concerns. He has been a law enforcement officer for 46 years. He initiated changes and reforms to serve the needs of the hour in the six police departments that he served in his career, some of which included Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department (seven years of service there), two times being Police Commissioner of the City of New York (making him the only person to lead two cities of repute on opposite sides of the continent of North America).
He was appointed Executive Chairman of Risk Advisory after retiring from the police department and for his overall awareness of what typifies the cordial interaction between policing and the general populace of the nation. This position not only commands high regard, but also bears the responsibility of advising customers on recognizing, avoiding, and reacting to threats. This is more often known as Teneo, and it consists of five areas of responsibility: cyber risk management, counterterrorism, crisis management, critical infrastructure, and health crisis advisory services.
Prior to joining Teneo, William Bratton served as the 42nd Police Commissioner of New York City. He worked there from January 29th, 2014, until September 15th, 2015. This was the second time I held this role. It was a thirty-two month period in which there was a decrease in crime in New York. In terms of low murder and robbery rates, he created history.
It all started in the 1990s with re-engineering the different police departments as well as the tactics of combating crime. He fostered morale and decreased crime in three locations, and he applied the same strategy when serving as police commissioner in Boston.
Cities around the United States are notorious for their gangs and juvenile violence, which often leads to other types of criminal activity. Other types of crime are naturally reduced when people are hit on the head. He employed both the carrot and the stick with equal effectiveness.
William Joseph Bratton, CBE, is a lawyer and businessman who served as the police commissioner of New York City for two terms. He previously served as Commissioner of the Boston Police Department and Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. He was the only individual to be in charge of the police departments in both New York and Los Angeles, the country’s two largest cities.
Bratton is now the Chairman of the United States Government’s Homeland Security Advising Council, which includes the British Government’s advisory role in the police sector.

The Biography of William Bratton and Image as A Police Reformist

During his five decades as a modern American architect, As a police officer, he has worked to minimize crime and build partnerships between the community and those who serve and defend it from criminals.
Bill Bratton worked as a police commissioner in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. He is now concerned that much of what he contributed to building is eroding. However, there are reasons to believe that good change is taking place, according to journalist Mark Whitaker.
William was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on October 6, 1947. He is currently about 74 years old. He is a Libra, according to the Zodiac. Bill Bratton’s father, World War II Navy veteran William E. Bratton, died at the age of 89. He was a modest guy who believed wholeheartedly in his good fortune.
He was a modest guy who really felt he had been blessed with a decent life. Throughout his childhood, his father had a wonderful love connection with his mother. His mother, who was 80 at the time, died of emphysema and congestive heart failure in 2007. In addition, the couple had been married for 65 years. According to his profile, Bratton is of American ethnicity and has white ancestors.

William Bratton Career as a Policeman

Bratton started his career with the Boston Police Department as a police officer. Bratton traveled to Boston in 1970 to pursue a career as a police officer, and he was appointed to the force in October 1970. In addition, in July 1975, he was promoted to sergeant, and in March 1978, he was promoted to lieutenant.
Bratton received a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and Public Service from Boston State College while working as a Boston Police Officer in 1975.
At the age of 32, and ten years after being hired as a BPD officer, Bratton was named the Boston Police Department’s youngest executive superintendent, the department’s second-highest rank.

He was removed as executive superintendent after telling a reporter that he aspired to be police commissioner. He was also reassigned as the Inspector of Bureaux in charge of contacts with minority groups and LGBBTQ communities.

Fired for wanting to grow and reform

He was eventually returned to the police station to cope with his work and concerns. He was the Massachusetts Metropolitan District Commission Police Superintendent from 1983 to 1986 before becoming the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Chief of Police (MBTA).
William Bratton is a wealthy American lawyer and businessman with a fortune of $500,000. Overall, he has earned a good livelihood from his profession.
Bratton was the city’s 34th police officer and served as Chief Superintendent of the Boston Police Department from 1992 to 1993. Aside from that, he is the recipient of the department’s highest value award.

About William Bratton Marriage Life

 Bratton has four marriages. He is married to Rikki Klieman, a lawyer and TruTV analyst, and has a son from a previous marriage named David.
Bratton’s wife was news anchorwoman Cheryl Fiandaca. He also married the Boston Police Speaker at the time, a lawyer.
Bratton graduated from Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in law enforcement and has served as a research fellow at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

His Social Media Profile

We searched for him on every accessible social media network, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He, on the other hand, is just on Twitter and Instagram. He has 48.1k followers on Twitter and 8.1k followers on Instagram.
Bratton’s policing tactics have been informed by the notion of broken windows, a criminal theory of normalization, and indications of escalating crime and non-social conduct of urban disorder and vandalism. He also believes that gangs should be dealt with sternly by a population comprised of a varied ethnic police force and that anti-social activity should be strictly forbidden.

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